Ángel Figueroa Mayordomo

Simplicity, ambition and fun are key to success

Business is a game of emotions and results. The main challenge is finding that balance that allows you to grow. For that you need to focus on the basics:

  • Style - Work in a way that energizes your team;
  • Technology - Use tools that increase team efficiency;
  • Resourcefulness - Make the best out of what you have.

Skills & Experience

Strategy. Organization Design. Service Design

2017: Service Design (on-going)

Founded Venture Nomads, a company that teaches companies how to build efficient organizations.

2014: Service Design (on-going)

Founded Ligas, a company that offers software to simplify communications within sport organizations.

2013: Organizational Design

Part of the team that helped Vodafone transform their digital operations by implementing Scrum way-of-working.

2012: Strategic Innovation

Part of the team that setup Digital Playground, a program in which KPN collaborated with startups to innovate their services.

2011: Service Design

Part of the team that rolled out Vodafone Thuis, a service offering telephone, internet, and TV to homes across The Netherlands.

2010: Business Transformation

Learned organizational design theory and applied it on projects across the Telecom, Airline, and Media industries.

2009: Business Analyst

Analyzed the engine lifecycle and designed a prototype tool to forecast and reduce engine maintenance cost.